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Just a Song and Dance.

I love this. People's talent amazes me.


Happy Easter to the Arnolds!

This year was really fun. Oliver was getting for of a sense as to what to do. He looked very dapper in his little linen suit and the tie I made for him (I just made the tie not the suit). I bought a maxi dress for my Easter dress after talking to Em. So, on Saturday we went on an Easter egg hunt and got ice cream after. Oliver had so much fun and kept trying to shove the candy he got into his mouth without unwrapping it. He was also in love with the pinwheel they gave him. On Sunday we had a nice Easter Brunch with Tron's family. After that we went to church and after that we exchanged our Easter gifts. We got Tron some weights he's been wanting, Oliver crayons, coloring books, and a mr and mrs Potatohead set, and I got a pearl ring. Then it was off to my parents house for dinner. It was really fun. Oliver was getting a little grumpy in the afternoon as you'll be able to tell from the pictures. We then got gifts from my parents. Which were as always fun outdoor activities. Everyone went outside to play with them. It was a fun way to end the night.

And here are the pictures.

I'll do an update on what's been going on late