I was going to wait till the baby was born to make these, but I figured it'd be WAY easier without a child. Plus, Tron was working on finals things so I just whipped these out. I like the way they turned out. Tron and I both agree that we like mine the least, but out well.

Here they all are, I haven't actually decorated for Christmas yet, because we're moving in a week or so. I just took down the fall decor and left the lights for effect.

This is Tron's luckily he likes his the best.

This one's mine. It looks better in person, this is a weird picture, but still least favorite.

This is the baby's.

And The inside.


The Dahls said...

cute! You're so talented!

emilie said...

Wait a minute....where are the detailed step-by-step instuctions?

JON LIZ & MAX said...

I am dying to make mine...but still no fabric...i think it has made its way to Aaron's house. I got to get on it, huh! Anyways...yours turned out really well...lets hope mine work out, i am not as gifted as you, so we'll see what happens!