Happy Mother's Day to Me!

I know it's early, but there was a super great deal ( only 200 when it's usually like 350 or 400) so we snatched it!

For Mother's day (and a little Birthday too) I got a cricut expression! I could pee myself with excitement. Mother's day is the greatest. Anyhow here is my excitement:

Here I am gazing lovingly at the new toy

Apparently this is my go to excited face and always has been

Example A:

And Example B:

Thanks to Chelsi For getting the sweet deal for me!


Oralia said...

hahahahaha! you are an adorable kid!

Hoenes Family said...

LOVE those pics! How hilarious! Happy Mother's Day to you indeed! What an awesome gift!

The Dahls said...

Love it. Familiar with the excited face.

liz said...

I love the kid pics with the same face. Awesome! Also, I wish I knew what you got so I could be more excited for you.

Cassia said...

HAhaha, that cracks me up!!