The Bike

So, I finally took pictures of my beautiful bike. I made some adjustments on it last night. All by myself I'll have you know. I'm quite handy...or something like that.
Here are the things I added:

The Bell

it makes an old school door bell sound. So great!

The Light

There will be no getting ran over by cars for me

The Basket

Oh yes I bought the biggest wicker basket they had. My huge purse fits perfectly.

And the Bike Lock Holder

Now that you've seen parts of this beautiful thing here it is.

Action Shot

complete with weirdly large thighs and crazy wind parted bangs

And last but not least How funny I look when I'm riding down the street. My Mom wanted me to wear a helmet. So, to help her not to worry I wear one. And since I have sensitive eyes my eyes tend to water unless I wear these sweet shades. I look awesome, Don't be jealous.

Welp, That's all. I hope you enjoyed the sweet shots. I'm out


Blaine and Lindsay said...

I am loving every single picture. Seriousy, where did you get that bike? It is fabulous! You are the best.

Blaine and Lindsay said...

And yes, I mean SERIOUS-Y seriously. No really it was a type-o. I hate typing on laptops.

Em said...

I love the bike, basket, helmet and shades. "Sweet Bike, you got like three feet of air off that one."

It's Me...shell said...

Thanks guys. I got it at a local bike shop here. It's beautiful. But you can get it anywhere really. It's a townie by electra