I'll Try It Too, Lisa

Six quirks about me here they are...

1. Often when I'm reading a book. I will act out certain actions that have been described. I don't know why I just do. Just to clarify it's not like I act 0ut a whole scene. i just do little things like facial expressions or hand placement/movement.

2. For those of you who haven't noticed I wear a lot of layers all year round. Here's why... I don't plan out outfits I just put something on and keep adding things until I like the way it looks. And it's usually always topped off with a cardigan. Oh yes, for those of you haven't noticed I wear cardigans a lot.

3. I pucker my lips and squint my eyes when I get tired.

4. I dance while I'm eating. But not in the privacy of my own home. For some reason I always dance and hum a little tune to my dancing when I'm out to eat. It happens less if I'm at a nice place. (also, they are only little chair dances. I don't get up a full scale dance to the joys of my food)

5. I hate the feeling of paper, and always have. Esp recycled paper, so as you can guess newspapers drive me crazy. I will touch as little of the pages as I can when I'm reading. I have a hard time breathing if i touch it for too long.

6.When I get really excited (which happens often) I will bit my tongue a bit, rub my hands together, and then do a triple clap.

That is all


Eileen Curran said...

Those are fun things! I do the dancing while I eat thing... sometimes I just am so excited! The paper thing is funny... I have never thought of that... you really have a hard time breathing?

Hope you're doing well!

"All you need is love" said...

I have never met anyone else who hates the feel of paper. I hate it! The fuzziness of it and newspaper is the worst, especially if my hands are dry, don't even ask me to touch it. Old coloring books bother me a lot too.

It's Me...shell said...

EXACTLY! dry hands really are the worst for touching it. old coloring books really are bad. An yes Eileen I do have a hard time breathing, but it's mostly when my hands are dry like Jana just said. ha ha ha It's weird. I've been like that since I was really little. P.S. we need to get together soon

Tiffany said...

Michelle Ahern...or whatever your name is now!! How the heck are ya!?! You were such a beautiful bride. Send me your email address and I will send you an invite to see our blog (tiffywa@gmail.com)!!