Project 3 is Done!

Ok, I made the changing pad, and may I just say I hate sewing on low gauge vinyl more than anything in this world. It has taken the number 1 spot on my list of things I HATE to sew on. Followed closely by Burlap.

Anyhow, here it is:

The extra piece you saw is the washable Changing Pad cover. I put velcro on there to keep it in place. It turned out alright, but needless to say not my best or favorite project to say the least. Damn you Vinyl.


Hoenesclan said...

I have never sewn on vinyl, but you can add Satin to my list of hates. Love your diaper bag. I think I have that pattern! Yes, no one sells the 2 inch rings LAME!!! That's good you had another bad you could take apart. Looks great. You are so talented.

1382 said...

So freakin' crafty. Always amazed.